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Verification of certificates:
Should you want to verify the authenticity of a certificate by Empowerdex, please click here. Should you not find what you are looking for, contact the Regional Head in your area for authentication. Please note we can only confirm the certificate you have, not give you the information on the certificate.

As the pioneering BEE rating and research agency in South Africa, Empowerdex has the experience and knowledge to be the Economic Empowerment thought leader, providing its clients with an innovative approach to sustainable BEE. Empowerdex is SANAS accredited and a level one (1) B-BBEE contributor.

The company’s mission is to provide support to the public and private sectors in accelerating broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) in South Africa, helping to bridge the gap between the country’s first and second economies. Through its services, Empowerdex assists economic entities in managing economic empowerment opportunities and risks.

Founded in 2001 and with over 6000 ratings to date, Empowerdex remains a market leader in the B-BBEE ratings and related fields. The company’s success is primarily attributable to its research capability and highly skilled staff.

If your company needs • a qualified guide to take you through B-BBEE legislation whilst rating you • help deciphering the Codes and understanding exactly what is required of your company (training) • pre-rating support • access to an analyst who will help you identify, collate and analyse your B-BBEE compliance documentation • a standardised and uncomplicated B-BBEE rating solution that has measured in excess of 6 000 companies to date • a premier B-BBEE rating from the market leader in B-BBEE measurement • access to the Empowerdex database of rated suppliers • support and guidance in the implementation of empowerment initiatives • value for money…look no further. Empowerdex is here to assist.                   

 Which B-BBEE Certificate?        Services and Products        B-BBEE Training
Annual turnover below R5million
Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME)

Annual turnover between
 R5 and R35million
Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)

Annual turnover above R35million
Generic Enterprise

      Ratings Process
Additional Rating Services
Empowerdex Training

      Our focus is to train and
up skill corporates on the
B-BBEE Codes of Good
Practice and the Sector
Codes. We are also able
to advise and train on the
amended B-BBEE Codes
of Good Practice.
Program dates and

Certified Empowerment Contributor Trademark

The Certified Empowerment Contributor Trademark
is a status which may ONLY be used by companies
that have been rated by EMPOWERDEX, South
Africa's leading verification agency. The introduction
of the Certified Empowerment Contributor trademark
is intended to enhance the credibility of your company's
B-BBEE status by allowing you the privilege
of proudly displaying this token of your company’s
commitment to B-BBEE. Click here to read more.